"The beauty of a jewel is expressed through the emotion it evokes..."

Founder of Augio, Augustin d’Ydewalle has been at the service of a demanding clientele since 1987. A goldsmith by passion and a gemmology enthusiast, he does not hesitate to fly across the world to unearth the most beautiful stones.

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and gemstones are his favourite materials. His playing field: the movement and finesse that give his creations a volume and smoothness close to perfection.

Having worked in the best workshops in Antwerp, Augustin d’Ydewalle is able to advise and guide you in the choice of a stone, the style of a setting or the restoration of an old jewel.

Creation, repair, setting… He offers his clients the services of a traditional fine jeweller. One only has to open the door of his workshop to realise: Augustin d’Ydewalle has golden hands capable of creating your jewellery in its entirety and with impeccable quality.


A personalised welcome

Augustin d'Ydewalle welcomes you in a cosy and relaxed space that is an invitation to meet and discover. Stones, sketches, materials... He will share with you his passion for beauty by meeting you in person and listening to you.

Belgian manufacture

Your jewel will be entirely created in Augio's workshop. From the design to the final polish, all stages of creation are handled by our experienced craftsmen in our own jewellery workshop.

Fair prices

Engagement, anniversary, marriage, handing down... For every occasion there is a budget! Augio does not have a shop on a high street or advertisements in magazines. Your investment will only serve one purpose: the creation of your jewel.